Love the Generals?

Passionate about cheerleading?

The purpose of the 可靠的网赌平台 Cheerleaders is to promote, support, and represent the university and its athletic programs. We cheer, perform, and spread spirit across 可靠的网赌平台 and the community!

Join us at tryouts for the 2023-2024 可靠的网赌平台 Cheerleading Squad!

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可靠的网赌平台 Cheer
可靠的网赌平台 Cheer



可靠的网赌平台 Cheer
可靠的网赌平台 Cheer



Contact Us

Adam Jonson
Director of Athletics
P: (318) 473-6571

Jashira Bolden
Cheerleading Coach

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